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Thomason's BBQ, which originally opened in the early 1960's under a different name by the Willett's, transitioned through several families including the Royster's and the Thomason's until it was taken over by Frank Gibson and his family in 1994.  Frank, a former diesel mechanic, apprenticed under the former owners to learn all the tricks of the trade.  

Frank still uses many of the original recipes, including the world renowned BBQ Baked Beans and mutton.  Our beans & bbq have found popularity not only in Kentucky but all across the country from California to Florida.


Thomason's still smokes all of their meat over hickory wood in a pit centered in the middle of the restaurant. On occasion you may even have the opportunity to see the Smoke Master check the meat in the pit to ensure it is nice and tender.  All of the meat is pulled by hand and sauced to order, ensuring we give you the best experience every time.  Some say this lost art of smoking is too time consuming, but we have found that it's the only way to get that perfect smoke flavor. 


When you think bar-b-q...think Thomason's

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